on hipsterdom

one reason i hate the “bike hipster” meme is not because i never want bicycling to be cool, i just don’t want it to be co-opted.


it’s kinda lame to see so many
car commercials
swiffer commercials
lawn care commercials
beer commercials
and again car commercials
featuring bicycles to hop on the “hip” wagon and appeal to young folks.
not everyone who rides bicycles lives car-free or hates consumerism or lives in an apt with no lawn or eats perfectly healthy. but everyone who rides regularly knows bicycling in the united states makes you a second class citizen on the road.
it’s dangerous
potentially the last thing you’ll ever do every time you start to do it.

i’m subscribed to messmedia.org’s email list, mainly to keep in touch with macro-level bicycle events around the world (although it is crazy to realize i’ve met and ridden with some of the folks sending comments out from basel and paris).

FuegO, a super respected bike dude from paris sent the following email out early this morning, entitled super mess market / mall mess life / migros mess life / hyper discount mess life / hard discount soon


I ‘m a messenger, and i drink some redbull, coz i’m thirsty , water or beer this is punk ass mess life too much

by luck i had some oakley glasses wich is really confortable because there is sun, & i had eyes

I used to love cinelli because …. i don’t remember but mash & co. use it so it’s coooooool, this built in china but we don’t give a fuck ….

I had a head & i’m separate beetween, giro & bern

The bearings of my hub are gift by ………..

i’m sorry i stay french, i neeed to say then there is too much brand, and other bad deal with brand and fake industry then one day we’ll lost our soul in a super market

fuck the event with red bull, fuck cinelli they never get us,
just keep in mind then the last red hook was win by a french who ride a bamboo bike ;) …..
it seems then everybody don’t care too,

so who sale the mess world ?

i trust in mexico, i hope i ‘ll had a chistole in an historical city, hopefully meet local boyz & drink mescal

have a nice day everyone

Fabrice_Levannier / Fuego /

so refreshing.
ride your fucking bike and quit worrying about all the shit people
want you to wear
expect you to act
think about you
because we’re all
clogging the road
annoying hippies
fucking hipsters
fighting to survive
glamorized on media
all the time anyway.

il pirata

love this memorial piece on marco pantani.

Pantani provided countless images of conquest for the benefit of our escape, but he could not escape. When I think of the battles of others, the dark times become challenges and learning moments which turn in to gifts – usually no later than the point at which I’m recovering and hating that I didn’t go darker just to see if I could. Marco went dark. VDB went dark. Simpson knew the darkness. We hate, we love, we participate, but maybe we don’t really know.

the first time i ever saw a professional bicycle race on tv was in 1997 when marco pantani won the tour de france.

(^aside: i can’t figure out how to get rid of this rogue parenthesis)

yeah, he doped.
but he owned up to it.
and he suffered so unfairly as the fall guy.
and he was still the most exciting dude on a bicycle.

bummer dude.

wolfpack hustle got some major bummer news this week. one of the best street races in the country was abruptly cancelled due to some pretty gnarly threats from the lapd, which is even more disappointing since the fuzz have escorted the crash race in the past.

going to use safety as the excuse? then work everyday to make cyclists safer on your streets, l.a.