il pirata

love this memorial piece on marco pantani.

Pantani provided countless images of conquest for the benefit of our escape, but he could not escape. When I think of the battles of others, the dark times become challenges and learning moments which turn in to gifts – usually no later than the point at which I’m recovering and hating that I didn’t go darker just to see if I could. Marco went dark. VDB went dark. Simpson knew the darkness. We hate, we love, we participate, but maybe we don’t really know.

the first time i ever saw a professional bicycle race on tv was in 1997 when marco pantani won the tour de france.

(^aside: i can’t figure out how to get rid of this rogue parenthesis)

yeah, he doped.
but he owned up to it.
and he suffered so unfairly as the fall guy.
and he was still the most exciting dude on a bicycle.

bummer dude.

wolfpack hustle got some major bummer news this week. one of the best street races in the country was abruptly cancelled due to some pretty gnarly threats from the lapd, which is even more disappointing since the fuzz have escorted the crash race in the past.

going to use safety as the excuse? then work everyday to make cyclists safer on your streets, l.a.

on composition

no clue if mr(s) lockfootposi, the uploader of these two videos made the conscious decision to juxtapose my experiences on the european mainland with my experiences in the uk with every compositional choice in these videos, but (s)he nailed it just about perfectly square with both.

noise as a distraction
too many visual elements
subject seems like a good enough dude, but he seems totally out of place in london
life is moving way too quickly

relaxed cadence, video production, and music (and the non-english adds to that whole european-union-immigration-discussion paradigm)
no panic from rider (regarding trollies or trolly tracks; that rail-hop at 1:20 is a thing of beauty) or from the trolly drivers; they both understand this environment will fit them both
one has time to take in the city life/sights
a symbioses with the surroundings