11 years on

The next morning when I looked at it, I put on Disintegration Loop 1.1 and just sat there and lined it up, and it was just so moving; I knew it was an elegy. It reminded me of Jacqueline Kennedy, who wore that Chanel suit for a whole day with her husband’s blood on it, and they were trying desperately to get her to change, and she said, No… I want them to see what they have done to Jack.

i don’t often care to remember anniversaries of tragedies.
as horrible as it sounds, the anniversary of 9/11 has never had much resonance with me.
not more than the anniversary of
the trail of tears
pearl harbor
the death of emmett till
jesus christ’s crucifixion
the assassination of cesar chavez
or any other horrific event in which the vastness of our human commonality was overwhelmed by the minutiae of our differences.

waxing poetic about these events once a year does nothing to get at the root of their cause, effects, or appropriations.

i love william basinski’s thoughts because highlight the everyday power of these moments to those who do have a personal connection to these tragedies. oddly, his sounds of deterioration

(that personify our cyclical degradation) give me hope in humanity’s temporary beauty.

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