Bike Share, Do Care

I was pretty proud that there has been a bit of to-and-fro on the viability of a bike share program in The Spokesman-Review's Letters to the Editor lately. The "failure" of "bike share" the second letter refers to was a community driven effort to spray paint a bunch of down-on-their-luck bicycles lilac and leave them around town for folks to ride and leave where they pleased. Predictably, most ended up in garages or the river. Perhaps you may be able to imagine a subtle difference or two to the bike share programs that Paris, London, and New York currently enjoy. Sorry, Cheryl.

Despite the success of bike sharing elsewhere, perhaps Spokane should eschew the idea of a Bike Share simply because  20 years ago the rag-tag version of modern bike sharing didn't become a permanent part of our modern landscape. Very similar to the way we have eschewed:

Netflix (because Blockbuster isn't around anymore)

Mobile phones (they were so inconvenient when they were tied to the console of one's Lincoln)

Downloading music (because 28.8k modems are way too slow for that sort of thing)

Consistency is key, after all.