Your Yearly Reminder

How serendipidous Carter asks this a day after Coeur closes its doors.

All this talk about "letting the market decide" and "laissez-faire" is code for "where you spend your money and how you spend it creates choices." We are the market. The market notices the sacrifices you choose or do not choose to make as a customer.

If another coffeeshop is closer or cheaper and you go there regularly instead of Coeur, it's hard to complain when Coeur closes.

If you didn't go to rocketmarket a couple summers ago because the road construction made it more difficult, it's hard to call yourself a "supporter of small business."

So how do these mom and pop small business's survive for next 6 months?

By you going there and spending money at Bennidito's, Vien Dong, Sonnenberg's, even if you might have to use the less-than-perfectly-direct route.

Your dollar is your only vote!