Quick version: I'm doing a preview for each ride. If you read it and it sounds fun, it probably will be! Come! If you read it and it sounds like not a fun way to spend an afternoon, no hard feelings.

The longer version starts with me saying I'm not really that excited about trying to describe what a ride will be like. 

I've never been a big fan of "no-drop" rides or "___ pace" riding. It's always seemed to me a bit like requiring yourself to take your shoes off before stepping inside every single time you come home, even with your arms full of groceries. Why put that pressure on yourself in the place you live?

Similarly, "no-drop" and paced rides seem to put such expectation and responsibility on someone (usually the person who got everyone together) when we're all out to have fun on bikes. Having to dance between a few dudes who want to race and a group that didn't think to pump up tires before the ride is tough and not fun for anyone.

With that in mind, here are the symbols I'll be using on the front page to more quickly describe what I think a ride might feel like ahead of time. 

+ Full gas (quick, quick, quick!; probably very little free-wheeling)

= Chill but hearty (chit-chatting at a clip)

- Casual (relaxed, coasting, likely drinking champagne)

o Hangover (very likely drinking champagne)