Shoe-leather Reportage

Last weekend, Monroe St. had the packed, white gravel roads of Strade Bianche

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were like this everyday?" a walking older woman asked me as I descended Friday night.

"This neighborhood is so much nicer without the cars, you can take up the whole road!" an elderly man walking his dog told me as I ground my way up the hill. 

By Tuesday, the white road was gone; underneath a glassy, smooth asphalt layer I'll be riding up and down this weekend. 

Laps and Laps in a Tiny Circle

My bicycle riding career began on a loop of sidewalk connected to our pull-through driveway. I would ride after school from 3:15 until dinnertime; laps and laps and laps in a tiny circle.

Yesterday's idea of riding 100 kilometers in 70 laps around a 1.4392 kilometer neighborhood loop came from my childhood and two questions:

How can I atone for not riding for nine weeks?


How can I make my neighborhood more bicycle friendly?

Riding to Mt. Spokane and back is just over 100k, but that wouldn't leave bicycle tracks in the gravel leftover from the winter.

Riding round-trip to Coeur d'Alene is just over 100 kilometers, but I wouldn't have talked with an older woman planting flowers reassuring me that riding laps around your neighborhood for seven hours is no odder than sitting on your knees in your yard gardening all afternoon.

SFF -> GEG round-trip twice is 100 kilometers, but I wouldn't have conquered this mf-er 70 times.

Feeling 100 okay after 100k.